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So i spend all my time reading other blogs and looking at or trying out new products, and friends always ask me for my advice on this kind of thing so i thought I would share!

I read once that a blog should be written about what keeps you up at night. Well aside from the usual (yeno the old.. binge watching tv/reading then wondering what am I doing with my life? How many hours sleep will i get if i go to sleep right now? Why? – why can’t I be a millionaire and not have to work?) the thing that keeps me up most is my obsession! I’m either online window shopping, watching tutorials, checking out blogs or reading articles about products!

I thought I would put my very expensive habit, (or addiction if you will) to use, and write something about all the stuff i buy and learn.

**All opinions are my own – based on my own use of the products/services mentioned**

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If you want to get in touch with me to share your views or ask any questions then I’d love to hear from you!